Research and Development Products

Virtually every process industry has research and development. Here, the challenges of all industries (precision, timeliness, accuracy, etc.) can potentially can be realized. These challenges place a lot pressure on supply chain partners.  The key to our success at Del Val Controls has been our ability to work closely with researchers to best understand their needs and applications and respond accordingly.

ASCO 3-Way Solenoids Valves – ASCO Product Info
ASCO 4-Way Solenoids Valves – ASCO Product Info
Malema Adjustable Flow Switches – Malema Product Info
Winters Altitude Gauge Pressure Gauges – Winters Product Info
Winters Ammonia Gauge Pressure Gauges – Winters Product Info
Bürkert Angle Seated Valves – Bürkert Product Info
GO Regulator Back Pressure Regulators – GO Regulator Product Info
HOKE Bellows Sealed Valves – HOKE Product Info
NOSHOK Bimetal Thermometers – NOSHOK Product Info
Winters Bimetal Thermometers – Winters Product Info
HOKE Chromatography Fittings – HOKE Product Info
Winters Clamp-on Thermometers – Winters Product Info
LJ Star Clamps – LJ Star Product Info
Winters Colour Coded Pressure Gauges – Winters Product Info
United Filtration Compressed Air Filters – United Filtration Product Info
Bürkert Conductivity Sensors – Bürkert Product Info
Resistoflex Convoluted Hoses – Resistoflex Product Info
CONCOA Cryogenic Hoses – CONCOA Product Info
Teqcom Di Water Valves – Teqcom Product Info
Bürkert Diaphragm Industrial Valves – Bürkert Product Info